adobe-stock-logoIn the creative professional and technology worlds, Adobe is obviously a very big name.  But that doesn’t mean that when they announced the launch of Adobe Stock earlier this year, their pilot Adobe Stock photos project would be a success.  Adobe actually tried launching a stock photography service in the past with no success, but this time around things were different.  Adobe very quickly and very persuasively found a niche for themselves in the stock photo world in 2015, and 2016 will likely see the tech giant continuing to build on their strengths from this past year.


Adobe Stock images have become so popular so quickly because Adobe built upon their previous market presence as a creative technology pioneer to very quickly build market presence.  In laymen’s terms, Adobe did so well last year because they already had a lot of people to sell images to.  All they had to do was turn their existing user base into a niche market for stock photography, and success was almost guaranteed.  Luckily for Adobe, they were able to accomplish that task quite well.

In the upcoming year, Adobe will likely continue to capitalize on their niche power in the creative arena.  They will likely think of new ways to sell Adobe Stock photos to creative professionals, and stress the app integration with photoshop and other Adobe creative products.  This is going to be Adobe’s biggest focus, or at least it should be if they want another successful year.  But they will definitely expand in other ways as well, and push themselves beyond their previous strengths.


For example, Adobe Stock extended license agreements ares going to become available in 2016 most likely, making it easier for designers to use images downloaded from Adobe Stock.  Adobe stock photos license agreement changes aren’t all that’s in store though: the company has been generous in giveaways so far, and more Adobe Stock Free gifts and downloads will likely be free this upcoming year.  Adobe Stock Free Photos have been a great plus from the company last year, and they are likely to continue their generosity.

Overall, Adobe Stock will likely spend 2016 building on their successes from 2015.  They can and will try new things, but most of Adobe’s energy will go into  their niche presence while making some minor service tweaks.  As long as they have as strong of a year in 2016 as they did in 2015, Adobe Stock  will probably be around for years to come.

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