Logo FotoliaWe all like promo codes, right? They allow us to get the things we want at a price cheaper than we expected. To put the icing on the cake, let’s talk about a promo code from Fotolia. Do you have your promo code from Fotolia yet?

If you haven’t, then I have good news for you. We here at Stock Photo Secrets (check the fotolia promo here) have been in constant contact with some of the best stock photo agencies around. This is Fotolia. Fotolia has created a unique landing page for our readers that allow people like you to receive three free credits plus a 20 percent discount on your first purchase in exchange for signing up for an account.

What does that mean for you? It means that you get stuff for free! There is a marketer, there are two types of free. The first type of free mean something is so cheap that nobody wants it. The other type of free is what we like. This kind of free means someone is giving away something that costs money and giving it away for a limited time. That’s exactly what Fotolia is doing. Three credits is the equivalent of three free images. What are you waiting for?


The 20 percent discount works a little differently. As soon as you make your next credit pack purchase – or in your case, your first one – you will receive a 20 percent discount off the total of your purchase. For some of you that can mean a savings of $20. For others, this can mean a savings of a couple of hundred dollars. Either way, you get free images straight from Fotolia. To add to Fotolia’s credibility, get this – Fotolia is owned by Adobe.

What if you already have an account with Fotolia? Is there anything for you? Don’t worry – Fotolia didn’t forget about you guys either. Because you’re already a member of Fotolia, you don’t qualify for the three credit offer. However, you still qualify for the 20 percent discount off your next credit pack purchase.

All you need to do is log in to our landing page that Fotolia created for us and the discount is yours for the taking. This is Adobe’s and Fotolia’s way of saying thank you for being a member of their stock photo website. There wouldn’t be much of a website without the members – that’s you.